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Podcast - Leadership is an Act of Creativity
Podcast - What Will We Unite Around
Podcast - People Are Going to Have An Opinion About You
Podcast - What Got Your Here Won't Get Your There
Podcast - Helping your client win should be your #1 obsession
Podcast - Socialism is Communism
Podcast - Find What You Love In What You Do
Podcast - When We Are Clean On What We Want We Tend To Get It Easier
Podcast - If You're Gonna Commit You Gotta Do It.
Podcast - The First Time Something's Done It's Always Done By Somebody Who is Unqualified
Podcast - People Don't Follow The Best Ideas, They Follow the Most Followable Ideas
Podcast - Together You Can Do More Than You Can Do On Your Own
Podcast - Every Game Counts
Podcast - Everyday is a Learning Journey
Podcast - Functional Fashion: Simple Everyday Clothes That You Can Just Throw On And You Look Great
Podcast - Educate And Entertain to Enchant
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