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Never worry about a thing. Simply record and forget.

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The Works

We'll find the talent to host your podcast, create the intro and outro, edit and produce the podcast, and manage it.

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Direct Ad Sales

We'll pair you with advertisers so that you can profit from your podcast. Essentially, you'll be a channel on TV, but much cooler, of course.

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We'll set up a robust marketing strategy and produce assets to maximize downloads, and thus, ad revenue.

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Customer Acquisition

Implement a funnel where your podcast will bring you business value.

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We'll set up a runway for lasting success

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Guest Outreach

Have a list of dream guests who you would love to host on your podcast but you don't know what to say or how to find their email and don't even have the time to reach out? Send us your list of dream guests and we'll reach out to everyone for you with our tried and true email outreach strategy.

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Rise To The Top

Increase Sales

Nowadays, a podcast is one of the best ways to build trust and rapport with your current and prospective customers. So, not only is there a constant and never-ending brand marketing benefit but there is also long-tail sales benefit to your company.

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Count On Us

The ROI Experts

We want you to make money because that means we get to keep you as a client. If for every dollar you spend with us, you make two or five or ten in return, does it not make sense for you to continue spending/investing money with us?

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Try, Try Again

Best Practices

Over the past few years, we’ve learned from the best about how to produce a blockbuster podcast.

  • It depends on the package chosen, but here is an example:

    •  3 transcribed audiogram videos
    •  1 rectangle feature image (for the website)
    •  3 square feature images (for the audiogram videos)
    •  Show Notes with timestamps, resources and links, and quotes
    •  Audio post-production (Adaptive Leveler, Loudness Normalization, Loudness Target, Filtering, Noise and Hum Reduction)
    •  Audio editing (Remove long pauses, false starts, etc.)
    •  Upload and schedule the podcast to be published
    •  Account Management: Title episodes, schedule them for release on both podcast hosting platform and on website (Record and Forget)
  • Maybe. It would be at an extra fee and it depends on if Jordan has time in his schedule and if he sees himself as a fit for your company’s show.

  • In short: Yes.

    If and when you have guests, and if and when they link back to the episode from their site, you will see a boost in “Domain Authority” over the long haul.

    Additional backlinks may come from media or bloggers referencing your podcast.

    You’ll also receive, by default, backlinks from Apple, Spotify, and every other platform we put your podcast on for every episode.

  • In the case of a brand with a built-in audience, right away. Sometimes it may take a month or two. If the brand has absolutely no built-in audience, then it will take time.

  • Because, in the age of digital distraction, your audience desires something that can be consumed more passively. Enter your new podcast.

  • Have fun.

  • We don’t post the micro-content to social media for you, though it can be added as an add-on service.

  • If you don’t already have someone in mind, Jordan and his team will first evaluate the talent already on your team to determine the best fit. Then, turn to outside sources. The talent need not be paid since this is an exposure opportunity and we take care of all the grunt work involved in marketing and producing the podcast.

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